As Co-Founder & CEO of Miami-based Destra World Books Publishing, Juanita Destra — with her husband Ronald– provides professional literary services to

authors and business owners. Their company specializes in book publishing, marketing, editing, graphic design, promotion and web development.

With a focus on multiple genres and formats, Destra World Books Publishing’s author-friendly business strategy allows writers to maintain all rights, worldwide distribution and 60% of net royalties from the company’s roster of distributors. Add to that prompt, friendly, hands-on customer service, which truly makes Destra World Books Publishing one of the best independent publishing houses in the U.S. Juanita notes, “You work hard to write your book. Now let our experts go to work for you on your projects. Author and business owners shine with us!”

Among Destra World Books Publishing’s first released titles is “Hoppy the Frog,” written by Ronald Destra. The title, available online everywhere– is aimed toward pre-teens, and designed to boost confidence, courage, character and perseverance. Juanita also collaborated with her husband on additional books “Fluffy the Bird,” “Scrappy the Dog” and “Tommy the Giraffe.”

Aside from her publishing expertise, Juanita has been employed in the medical field for many years which she strives to provide high-quality patient care.