Homework Tips for Parents and Kids

There are three players responsible for the making of kids' success i.e. the kid, the teacher usually does much in school and leaves the rest with the parents and their kids to do at home. To ensure that there is active participation at home, the teacher will give homework. This calls for both the parents and the kids to ensure that the work is done as required. There needs to be sanity in all this to ensure that a child's homework is effective as it should be. To be discussed below here are some of the homework tips for parents and kids. * Create a Conducive Environment for Homework * There should be a designated study area that will work as the place to do homework. This way, seriousness will be seen by both parties. No entertainment gadget should be fitted in this area. * Kids should be Punctual with their Homework * Kids should always be punctual with their homework. They should even remind their parents that it is time for homework. * Parents should Show Interest * Well, it is known that kindergarten stuffs are a bit boring to adults. But this should not be shown by the parents for it will kill the morale of the kids. Parents should show interest in the work that their child is doing. * Engage in Q&A Activity * While doing the homework, parents and their kids should engage in question and answer activity. This is meant to keep the whole reading activity interesting. * Parents should Act as Role Model * When a kid is busy doing homework on his/her own, you should not just sit there relaxed. It is advised that parents should also be reading some

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books or even newspaper so that the kid sees them as role models. * Make Breaks for Refreshing * You should always make some break for the mind to be relaxed a bit. This should be done mostly during the weekend when the homework given to kids is bulky. The above stated are some of the common and effective homework tips for parents and kids. If followed, a kid will have a good time doing school work at home. Parents, my new children book Fluffy the Bird is due for release August 24,2014. For $14.99, you can pre-order your sign autograph copy of Fluffy the Bird now. Order instructions: Go to this website's

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Safety Tips for Kids

Kids are very proactive. It is in their nature and nobody should deny them this. However, everything needs to be done in moderation. Well, the term moderation is not familiar amongst many kids who usually ignore it and end up in a mess. It is the duty of parents to insist on some of the safety tips to their children so that they can be safe. So what are the safety tips for kids? In answering this question, we will look into some of the safety tips for kids in a general perspective to cover all the angles of

concern. * Always Walk in a Group * There have numerous cases of children being kidnapped when walking alone. It is advised that a kid should always have an adult company when walking out and if not so then let them be in a group. That way it becomes hard to make a kid target for kidnap. And also in the eventuality of a kidnap, there will be witness to help in investigation. * Have Your Parents' Telephone Numbers * It is important for a kid to memorize the telephone and/or mobile number of their parents, at least one of the parents. The numbers might be useful should a kid get lost even in a park, * Avoid Risky Games * There is also the risk involved when playing. To act as a tip, a kid should avoid risky games that might injure them. A child should not extend the limits to activities that seem to be hard for them. * Do Not Eat Foreign Food * It is highly advised for a kid to avoid eating out of their home. This will protect one from an accidental food poisoning. At times, a kid might just eat something that he/she is allergic to and cause he/she great pain. Only their parents do know the kind of

food that they can eat and those to avoid. * Avoid Playing with Sharp Objects * There are sharp objects that can cause bodily harm to kids. Such objects should be avoided. This will work to protect the kids from some injuries. The above mentioned are some of the safe tips for kids. Parents can help their kids in implementing these safety tips for kids.