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Santa’s Little Helper (Christmas Bedtime Stories for Kids)


In the quiet town, snowflakes lightly fall. Though the road to town is not well-travelled, a special visitor is to appear.
It is Daniel’s first Christmas and he eagerly awaits him. Who is Santa Claus? Daniel wants to find out and see for himself!
When his parents are fast asleep, the sound of a Christmas carol makes him stir. His eyes slowly open, and the rumbling singing halts not. He must be here!
Running to the living room, his joyful gaze of anticipation meets that of the one and only Santa Claus, and does he have a job for Daniel!
This year, a Christmas wish is made come true! Being Santa’s little helper, Daniel finds out this is the season of love, joy, and giving!



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14 reviews for Santa’s Little Helper (Christmas Bedtime Stories for Kids)

  1. Anna William

    Such a nice story in this book. I like the way writer write this book. Best for kids.


  2. Lucas

    Credit where credit is due; ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ is a charming story in its own right. For myself, what I think differentiates the book from your run-of-the-mill festive tale, are the illustrations. The pictures really do compliment the words and, while minimalistic, are quite powerful. Suited to children of a young age, the story highlights the special bond between parent and child and the magic of Christmas, but most notably, places weight on the importance of giving at Christmas, something that even adults seems to loose sight of at times.

  3. Lenora Stafford

    This very inspiring story helps children understand the importance of doing something for others and how rewarding the act of giving can be.

    Parents who listened to this book found it very educational and colorful. Some of their responses were, “It was informative, as well as nice, to see a Black Santa Claus in children stories”, and “It is important for children of color to see a character who they can identify with, who looks like them.”

  4. Jenny.

    Great book for kids.

  5. Alfred

    Really motivational and inspiring book I must admit. My children loved it so much and give their friends to read as well. Really beautiful Christmas experience Daniel had. Every child will also be eager to have such an amazing experience with Santa.

  6. Melvin Hayes

    A beautiful illustrated book that every parent should endeavour to get for their children. It is highly educative and also teaches children to open up to their parents on any disturbing issue giving them concern. I enjoyed reading every chapter to my children in order to correct them on their thinking perspective that we parents are their comforters.

  7. Melvin Hayes

    Really amazing and with good colourful images and illustrations. Daniel who was eager to have an amazing time with Santa, eventually came to reality. Every child always love such great and amazing experience. My kids love it so much and also gave them glimpse of how they want their Christmas to be like.



  9. JADA

    This story of Christmas for kids is amazing!

  10. BOBBY

    Our students love Santa’s Little Helper by Ronald Destra. The illustrations are superb!

  11. Mother D

    My kids enjoyed this Christmas novel.

  12. Elie louidjie

    is an excellent, great book for kids and teaches them valuable lessons about staying positive, coping with losses and moving on.

  13. Louidjina elie

    I enjoyed reading every chapter to my children in order to correct them on their thinking perspective that we parents are their comforters.

  14. Louidjina elie

    It’s a beautiful book with great graphics, I love the feels while reading it.

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