Rising Publisher Release A Heartwarming Children’s Book

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July 25, 2016

Media  Contact: Destra World Books Publishing, LLC / Juanita

Location: Florida

Telephone: 305-795-2232

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Rising Publisher Release A Heartwarming Children's Book:

An up-and-coming publisher, Destra World Books Publishing, has just launched their newest book, Best Friends, which tells the compassionate story of two friends battling illness.

Florida, July 25, 2016-- Compassion is a trait every parent wants for their child, yet no children's tale teaches compassion as well as Best Friends. It can seem like every fable follows the same 'hero's journey' plot or simple rules such as truth-telling in the famous tale of Pinocchio. Destra World Books Publishing wants to teach something broader, allowing a larger positive impact in the minds of developing children.

To achieve this goal in Best Friends, Destra World Books Publishing has worked tirelessly to drive constructive morals home. The book itself starts out detailing the blossoming, interracial friends of two five year-old children who find themselves in adjacent hospital rooms after contracting serious illness. These children spend years together outliving the predictions of doctors and eventually  are friends outside of the hospital. As a result readers are able to derive several overarching morals: acceptance, hope, and compassion.

Any young reader is able to recognize the acceptance between the two star-crossed friends despite differing backgrounds and races. Additionally, the two protagonists are able to live far beyond their predicted demise by sheer hope and happiness. Best Friends hopes that this exemplification will allow readers to integrate a spirit of friendly acceptance into their own lives, instilling a sense of compassion in the reader. This book is truly inspiring and faces topics that will engage and improve the moral of any child.

About the Authors:

Best Friends was written and illustrated by Ronald Destra and co-written by Juanita Destra, founders of Destra World Books Publishing. They are a happily married couple who are passionate about educating the world's youth. Together they run Destra World Books Publishing, and independent publishing company built on pleasing the authors by allowing writers to keep rights to all work and 60% of any proceeds. The husband Ronald is an expert writer having written Scrappy the Dog, Fluffy the Bird, Tommy the Giraffe, Hoppy the Frog, Best Friends & The Little Hero, all with the same dedication to moral that he has contributed to Best Friends.

For more information, please visit:   www.RonaldDestra.com    www.DestraWorldBooksPublishing.com   www.JuanitaDestra.com

Copyright (c) 2016 Ronald Destra, Destra World Books Publishing, LLC & Juanita Destra  All right reserved.bestfriendscover

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