Santa’s Little Helper: A Perfect Gift By Ronald Destra


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December 25, 2016

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Santa's Little Helper: A Perfect Gift By Ronald Destra.

Children's Book by Seasoned Author Ronald Destra: Another Amazing Account of Christmas for the Kids.

Miami, Florida -- December 25, 2016: Seasoned author, illustrator and publisher Ronald Destra has announced the release of his new book, Santa's Little Helper. The book is another amazing addition to the inspiring collection produced for the children by Ronald Destra's pen. Santa's Little Helper is an illustrated story book about a kid who is celebrating Christmas alongside his parents. Daniel is the central character of the story and he is excited to meet Santa for the first time.

Santa's Little Helper is an amazing account for Christmas and I would recommend this book to the children as well as parents." Said Mrs.Peterson, a 33 year old mother and a kindergarten teacher. "This is a story with great moral for children and parents and spreads the message of love and positivity along with hope." She added. The book has received great reviews and is being bought by many parents as a Christmas gift for their children.

Ronald Destra who is a renowned author, illustrator, publisher and an accomplished entrepreneur has written several books for children. Residing in Florida with his wife, Ronald is also the co-founder of Destra World Books Publishing,LLC. He has authored many great children books including Best Friends, Fluffy the Bird, Hoppy the Frog, Tommy the Giraffe, The Birthday Party, Scrappy the Dog, Santa's Little Helper and The Little Hero.

In addition to writing and co-authoring, Ronald Destra is also a great and gifted illustrator. His illustrated books have gained immense popularity because the graphical illustration give children a better understanding of the story. His lifelong passion is to help younger children learn that they do have a purpose in life and he has been successful in making his book informative and educational along with fun and adventure for the children. The books written by Ronald Destra teach children a primary lesson that they should never give up in life. Furthermore, the books encourage the overall reading habits of the children. They stimulate their imagination in ways that will enhance their creativity as they grow up.

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