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Attention parents…
Presenting The New Children Book “Fluffy The Bird” Here’s a book that will not only educate and entertain your child, but also instill in the proper values necessary to succeed in life.


My name is Juanita and I work in the medical field, a publisher and an author of six children books — Fluffy the Bird, Scrappy the Dog, Best Friends, The Birthday Party, Be Brave, Who Is The Brave One Now, and The Zoo. I and along with my husband Ronald have written several children books that have generated a major buzz in the book publishing world.

The young generation is really taking a liking to these books because it’s a perfect mix of fun and education.

“I write books keeping the future of our kids in mind. I believe that learning starts right from the moment a child is born and that they need to start learning the things they’ll need to get ahead in life right from the get go.

After all, what better way to teach your child things necessary to succeed in life than stories.”

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