10 Ways to Encourage Proper Behavior in Children

According to psychology, a child’s behavior is acquired mainly from the environment. This means that a child must be taught good behavior for him/her to actually behave well. If you are a parent or a teacher, you should make use of these ten tips on how to encourage proper behavior in children.

  1. Verbally acknowledge a child’s efforts

When a child behaves in a good manner, you should verbally acknowledge that effort. Don’t let it go without saying something about it. For example, you can say “I am proud of you for doing your homework on time”. Such a comment would encourage the kid to continue with the behavior.

  1. Use body language to show approval of good behavior

You can also use positive body language such as smiles, thumbs up, a pat on the back, a high-five, etc. to show approval of a good behavior. However, you should take note of the fact that some children do not enjoy body contact hence using thumbs up for such kids.

  1. Show the children that you are happy to see them

You should always be showing that you are happy seeing your children. For example, when you get into your child’s room, always begin with a hug to show how much you are happy to see them.

  1. Take interest in your child’s interests

No matter how childish it may look, you have to take interest in your child’s interests if you are looking to encourage proper behavior in the child. When you do activities with them, they will learn from you and develop positive behaviors.

  1. Always keep your word

For children, keeping your word is very important in promoting good behavior. If you have promised to take them out for a movie after finishing their homework, you should do so lest they associate your word with a lie.

  1. Learn to say ‘NO’

It may be a bit difficult to start saying no to your children. However, you need to start learning this as a way of keeping track of good and bad behavior. Your children would soon understand the rationale behind your ‘No’.

  1. Do not preach to your children

Proper behavior is not a thing that you should keep on preaching to your child about; you should actually live it. Guide them to proper behavior instead of over-preaching to them about it.

  1. Don’t pass judgment on your children

You have to remain open-minded to avoid passing judgment on your children. Remember, they are still learning and they need time to know good behavior from bad behavior is. Therefore, you should not judge them for silly mistakes.

  1. Avoid empty threats

You should avoid empty threats when dealing with children. If you have promised to punish them if they do something wrong, follow up your promise and actually do it so that they learn the importance of proper behavior.

  1. Be a role model

You cannot teach good behavior when you are not living it yourself. You need to be a role model for your children to follow.

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