10 Ways to Teach Your Children How to Read

Reading is a skill that you can impart in your children if you understand the concept behind a child’s ability to read. Today, we will discuss with you ten effective techniques that you can use to teach your children how to read.

         1. Read aloud to your children

One of the things that you need to do is to read to your children as a way of encouraging them to read. This is a technique that you can begin as soon as your children get to their second year after birth.

           2. Ask questions

When reading to your children, you should ask them questions as a way of keeping them engaged with the text you are reading. While answering your questions, the children get a better understanding of the material you are reading, thus, encouraging them to read as well.

           3. Be a good role model

Your children learn a lot from your actions. Therefore, if you want them to develop the reading habit, you should model this habit so that they can copy it.

            4. Identify letters in their natural setting

Teach them spelling by putting things such as wooden letters spelling their names on top of their cribs. This ignites their creativity and interest in reading.

            5. Incorporate multiple domains of development

You need to be aware of your children’s reading needs appropriate to their developmental stage. For example, when they are infants, you should focus on lullabies and move to rhyming songs as they get to age 2 and older. Getting age-appropriate materials is very important in their reading process.

            6. Classify the genres

At around age 5, your children should be able to start classifying genres of reading materials. This could also help them identify the genre that they can read often.

             7. Reward their reading time

Offering a reward to your children when they read for a certain amount of time is one of the best ways of encouraging reading. This positive reinforcement keeps them eager to read more.

             8. Have them tell you a story

Encourage your children to tell you the stories from the books they are reading. This is a challenge that will help them increase concentration when reading.

             9. Teach phonics

As part of their reading activity, your children should be able to know the letters and their respective sounds. This is a skill that you’ll need to teach them as they read.

             10.  Make reading a regular activity

Encourage reading at home regularly by dedicating some family reading time, when everyone in the house picks a reading material.

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