7 Ways to Teach Your Children Temper Management Techniques

Frustrations and anger in a child can easily turn into defiance. Therefore, you need to teach your child temper management techniques that would help him/her manage his anger well. As a parent, this may be a hard task since not all parents expect to face this difficulty in their lives. Therefore, we will discuss seven simple ways that you can use to teach your children temper management techniques.

  1. Differentiate between feelings and behavior

The first thing that you need to do is to help your kid understand the difference between anger and bad behavior. While anger is a normal and healthy thing, behavior that comes out of anger is what you need to point out. Teach your kid to label his feelings.

  1. Model the right temper management skills

One of the best ways you can teach your kids the right anger management skills is by showing them how you deal with your anger. Therefore, you need to start dealing with your emotions in the right way for your kids to follow suit.

  1. Establish anger rules

As a parent, you should have rules that guide reactions made out of anger. The kid needs to understand the rules. You should clearly write down what is acceptable and what is not regarding anger in the family.

  1. Teach your children coping skills

Your children should be taught how to deal with anger instead of telling them to avoid certain actions. You should give your kids the alternatives instead of just prohibiting certain behaviors. For example, you can tell them to ‘walk away from others’ when they feel frustrated instead of simply telling them ‘not to beat others’.

  1. Create an anger thermometer

You can also create an anger thermometer to help your kids in managing anger. These tools help kids know the signs of their rising anger. You need to explain to your kids the different levels of anger so that the kid would easily know when their anger is rising and take appropriate action.

  1. Teach specific anger management techniques

You should also teach your children specific temper management techniques. For example, you can tell your children to always take deep breaths as a way of calming their minds when they are angry. You should also try other skills such as self-discipline and impulse control skills.

  1. Avoid violent media

Do not expose your child to violent media if he/she is struggling with aggressive behavior. As a parent, you should do all it takes to prevent your child from witnessing violence.

As an alternative, focus on games, books, and shows that model healthy conflict settlement skills.

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  • Tonia

    I think I’ll put this to try, one of my sons is very aggressive and it’s scary cos he’s just 11 years old. Thank you so much


    Very helpful information!


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