Destra World Books Publishing Releases New Children’s Book


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Destra World Books Publishing Releases New Children’s Book

Florida, USA (April 8, 2018)– Florida based publisher, Destra World Books Publishing, LLC has announced the release of its latest book, The Zoo.

Written by Ronald Destra, Juanita Destra and Renald Destra, The Zoo is a beautifully illustrated book about some zoo animals that are finding it hard to get along. The authors weave an interesting plot on what happens when an argument breaks out between the lion and the zebra, the lynx and the monkey, the bear and the elephant, and all the other zoo animals.

The Zoo is not the typical book about wild animals. In fact, like most of the books published by Destra World Books Publishing, The Zoo teaches readers important life lessons to help them cope with daily life. Through this book, readers will learn how to live in harmony with each other even if they are from different backgrounds. But that’s not all. This book also raises a wide range of issues, such as temper management, captivity of wild animals and proper behavior.

Already parents are weighting  in on the impact of The Zoo. One customer wrote:

“Such a lovely and enjoyable story. It is an amazing book to make children discover the animals present at the zoo. I particularly loved the drawings. They are catchy and the characters look friendly; perfect to wakes the interest of the little ones. I bought it for my nephew and he absolutely loves it!”

It’s not very common for three authors to collaborate on a children’s book, but Ronald, Juanita and Renald have harnessed their social etiquette, communication and problem solving skills to create a resource that will inspire children to work together.

Speaking on behalf of the trio, Ronald, who is also the illustrator for the book, said:

“Getting along is so very important for successful relationships. We wanted to instill this value in young children in a fun way for them to understand and appreciate the value of living in harmony.”

The Zoo is available in eBook, audio book, paperback, and hardcover formats. For further information or to purchase copy, please visit:      

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    Awesome zoo story book for kids!


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