Destra World Books Publishing The Birthday Party Press Release

Destra World Books Publishing announces the release of this amazing children’s book, The Birthday Party by Ronald Destra and Juanita Destra.


Miami, Florida, June 13th, 2017 – The renowned writers and bestselling children’s literature authors, Ronald Destra and Juanita Destra, have come up with another compelling and captivating children’s book called The Birthday Party.


The Birthday Party is very educative, highly entertaining and is packed with fun activities and pictures that are perfect for all children. The book is written in  simple sentences that are easy to read and understand, excellent for children; it will be of great help in their practice for reading skills and also for building their vocabulary while they’re having fun.


The Birthday Party is a book about a young Hebrew boy who turns twelve but believes that everyone has forgotten about his birthday, including his parents and friends. He is disheartened by his friends and family for not caring about his birthday, having to go through a hectic day while his friends are avoiding him in school because he doesn’t know they are planning to throw him the best surprise party ever! His parents, Johnny and other friends have to go through a lot to pull off the surprise party.


The Birthday Party is a great story that teaches kids good morals, basic skills, and the importance of friendship. The story will help them to be active, happy, healthy, positive and most of all, better humans in the future. It is also a good fun story for parents who want to make lasting memories while spending quality time with their lovely kids.


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About the Authors:


Ronald Destra and Juanita Destra are renowned authors and co-founders of Destra World Books Publishing, one of the best publishing houses in the U.S.A. The couple, who are best friends, have been providing professional publishing services to ace writers around the world. They have also written many inspirational children’s books aimed for preteens; these books are designed to boost self-confidence, courage, good character and perseverance.


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