Nine Ways to Build Courage in Children

With courage, a child is likely to withstand peer pressure and avoid negative effects associated with peer pressure. Not all children are courageous, yet courage is a trait that every child can develop. If you are a parent or a guardian interested in making your child(ren) ward courageous, then you need to use the following nine tips:

  1. Model Courage
    Children learn a lot from their parents, and thus, the need to model what you want your child to become. As a parent, you must be courageous and show your child how it feels to conquer fear. For example, you can speak up to your boss on matters that are pressing you, and show your child how important such an act is.
  2. Talk About Courage
    According to research, children are likely to be courageous if their parents discuss the importance of bravery with them. Therefore, you should have a positive talk about bravery and how it is important for your child to speak up even when they fear.
  3. Don’t Always Fix Problems for Your Children
    One of the mistakes parents make is to fix all the problems their children are facing. To build courage in children, you need to allow them to fix their own problems.
  4. Let Your Kids Share Their Acts of Bravery
    When a child displays an act of bravery, you should encourage him/her to share it with you. This will encourage him/her to do it again, and thus, build this important trait.
  5. Dispel the Superman Myth
    One of the problems children have is comparing themselves to superheroes whenever thinking of courageous people. You need to dispel this notion and let your kids know that courageous people don’t necessarily need to be superheroes.
  6. Read Inspiring Stories of Courageous Kids
    Instead of letting your kid think that the only way to become a courageous person is by being a superhero, you can read to your child stories of courageous kids as a way of showing them that children can also be courageous.
  7. Encourage Small Bravery Steps
    It is an admirable thing to have your children showing the best acts of bravery; however, you need to know that kids work well when they follow a logical step-by-step path. Therefore, you should encourage some small bravery steps as the kids develop this trait.
  8. Teach Them to Prioritize Safety
    Safety is an important component that you need to teach your children even as they build their courage. Always remind them that their safety should always come first. However, do not let this be an excuse for them not to learn some acts of bravery.
  9. Teach Your Kids How to Deal with Fear
    Fear is the one thing that kills courage among children. You need to teach them how to deal with fear so that they do not dread trying new things. As a tip, you should tell them that fear is a common occurrence that should not deter them from trying new things.
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