Ten Ways to Develop Self Determination in Children

Developing self-determination in children is an important role delegated to parents and/or guardians. It can be a hard task if you do not have the right tips needed to equip a child with this virtue. This is why we will highlight some of the best ways that you can use to develop self-determination in your children.

  1. Allow your child to explore
    Children need to explore as a way of building their self-determination. As a parent, you need to open the space between protection and independence. This space can only be opened if you allow your child to explore and expand his/her own world.
  2. Encourage your child to express his/her opinions
    From an early age, you need to let your child know that what they say or do may have an influence on others. In doing this, you should encourage the child to express his/her own opinions to give them the ability to gain confidence in speaking out their minds and learning from their actions.
  3. Boost his/her self-confidence
    There is virtually no way you can build a child’s self-determination without boosting his/her confidence. Ensure that your child is confident enough to have control in his/her life.
  4. Always answer your child’s questions
    Children may have some questions regarding differences between them and the rest. When a child comes up with such questions, you shouldn’t run away from them because it will not make them confident enough of themselves.
  5. Don’t focus on outcomes
    If you want your child to have control of her/his life, then you need to train them to focus on the process of achieving their goals rather than focusing on the outcomes. This will make your child aware of his/her surroundings better and develop a better self-awareness leading to self-determination.
  6. Let your children interact with others.
    You also need to allow your children to interact with other children of different ages and backgrounds. This will help them improving your child’s control of life.
  7. Set realistic but ambitious expectations
    Another better way is to have ambitious but achievable expectations to your child to boost his/her self-determination.
  8. Let your child take responsibility of successes and failures
    As a way of building self-determination in a child, you need to have them take responsibility of his/her success and failures.
  9. Allow your child to make choices of their life.
    Your child should be able to make his/her own choices without direct guidance from you. This will keep them responsible and as having more control of their life.
  10. Provide honest and positive feedback
    When assessing your child’s development of self-determination, you should provide honest and positive feedback. As a tip, you should not focus on the failures of the child but rather focus on the achievements made while you also pinpoint the things he/she can do better. With these tips, you can help your child to develop self-determination.
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